Client: Eurosun
Role: Graphic/Web Designer
Year: 2021
Services: Website Design, Marketing Collateral, Icon Design, Video Editing.

Eurosun is an industry leader in Solar Hot Water Systems which specialise in Eco-Friendly Hot Water System technology. The company required a light revamp of its branding materials and website which included a dramatic redesign of all web pages, product images, marketing collateral such as flyers, business cards, letterhead, social media presence and EDM to give the brand a well needed boost for the Solar Power and Solar Hot Water market.

eurosun logo
Eurosun animated logo
Social Media Product Promo
eurosun icons
Service Icons
eurosun business cards
Business Cards
eurosun flyers a
eurosun flyers
eursosun ad post dec v
Facebook Ad Post
eursosun fb qcells post v
Facebook Ad Post
eurosun fb dream feb post v
Facebook Ad Post
Eurosun West Ad July v
Eurosun West Ad
eurosun edm
Eurosun EDM
eurosun email signature
Email Signature
eurosun desktop web
eurosun desktop web